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CCSVI Current Status Feb 2011 (3 of 5) – Stenting

Dr. Mark Haacke PhD, Dr. Teri Jaklin ND, Dr Joseph Hewett MD discuss the current status of CCSVI – February 2011. What do you need to know about stents? What questions do you want to ask before your CCSVI procedure?

CCSVI treatment post op 8 weeks

This is a mini video of a few of my improvements 8 weeks after having the CCSVI treatment in Costa Mesa, California. Find my first pre treatment video here The song ‘Here I go again’ is property of Whitesnake and their producing company and I am in no way claiming rights to this audio.

CCSVI Procedure

To help all of our patients understand what is done during the CCSVI procedure, we recorded an entire video of the procedure. Dr. Harris narrated the video to give patients an insight into how the procedure is performed. The following is a an actual CCSVI procedure.


We need to be aware of what CCSVI encompasses, Globally, on a united front