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Beggs – Zivadinov – Haake [Panel | CCSVI Symposium 2011 – 5 of 46]

CCSVI Symposium 2011 – Second Annual Meeting Crowne Plaza Hotel Times Square, Manhattan New York, NY July 15-17, 2011 PANEL: 1) Clive Beggs, PhD, FIMechE, FSB, FRSM Department of Medical Engineering University of Bradford United Kingdom 2) Robert Zivadinov, MD, PhD Associate Professor & Buffalo Neuroimaging Analysis Center (BNAC) Director Department of Neurology University of Buffalo United States of America 3) E. Mark Haake, PhD Director of MR Research Facility Wayne State University United States of America [5 out of 46 videos]

CCSVI Conference Announcement

Dr. Diana is honored to speak at Dr. Sclafani ‘s Second Annual CCSVI Conference in NY! She will be joined by Dr. Zamboni, Dr. Sclafani, Dr. Simka, Dr Petrov, Dr. Ponec and others. Free patient day and two doctor days.

CCSVI & MS – About What it all Really Means

Just some things to think about. 🙂 What does it all mean really?

CCSVI: Follow Up & The Day After

A short (for me) update on the day following my procedure. To clarify, my Left IJV thrombosed or clotted. They went back in to remove the clot, so my Dr. considers this Round 3 I had yesterday.

CCSVI: The many factors and facets of MS & Western medicine

Apology for appearing as the Shadow Lady. Discussion of the many MANY doctors who need to be involved to see the BIG picture of MS.

CCSVI: Second Venoplasty Tomorrow, Thoughts on the Bigger Picture

Follow up venoplasty tomorrow, May 31, 2011. A bunch of thoughts on CCSVI, MS and the larger puzzle with regard to specialization in Western medicine.

CCSVI – May 13th – Update and the Story Continues!

Update on my CCSVI. Please check out great MSers on YouTube – heythereitsmindy, tom1972able and h0mer37.

CCSVI: How Am I Doing? (An After Video)

My after video finally. I believe physical therapy would help greatly. I do not feel my MS is progressing. Unfortunately “health” care in the USA is not an easy or affordable thing, so no PT for me yet.