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CCSVI Crystal’s Liberation March 20, 2011 Riding a Bike!

Here I am on March 20th, 2011, RIDING A BIKE! Something I haven’t been able to do for a while! It will be 4 months since treatment on March 30th. I FEEL BETTER THAN I HAVE IN MY WHOLE LIFE!!

Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis CCSVI Procedure Testimony – (Sanoviv Medical Institute) Stuart Ainslie shares his experience undergoing the Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency (CCSVI) procedure at Sanoviv Medical Institute. Visit our blog Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter: Visit our site:

CCSVI Conference Announcement

Dr. Diana is honored to speak at Dr. Sclafani ‘s Second Annual CCSVI Conference in NY! She will be joined by Dr. Zamboni, Dr. Sclafani, Dr. Simka, Dr Petrov, Dr. Ponec and others. Free patient day and two doctor days.

Clive Beggs, PhD [Venous Hemodynamics in CCSVi and MS | CCSVI Symposium 2011 – 2 of 46]

CCSVI Symposium 2011 – Second Annual Meeting Crowne Plaza Hotel Times Square, Manhattan New York, NY July 15-17, 2011 Venous Hemodynamics in CCSVI and MS Professor Clive Beggs, PhD,FIMechE, FSB, FRSM Department of Medical Engineering University of Bradford United Kingdom [2 out of 46 videos]