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Not Ready to Cheer CCSVI Trials

Jaclyn Horscroft is traveling to California next month for CCSVI. Jaclyn was diagnosed with MS tens years ago. She is in pain and has low energy. The treatment that uses angioplasty techniques to open blocked veins in the neck and the chest is being studied in Canada next year. It will cost Jaclyn , 000 plus travel expenses in the US but she feels she can’t wait for Canadian approval. The National CCSVI Society, run by a small force in Greater Victoria, is holding a symposium on September 10th. The Society says CCSVI may be helpful to other people with autoimmune and neurological illness like ALS, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. And while the society agrees the procedure needs studying — it feels governments should be helping patients who going now for foreign treatments with ultrasound or MRI tests before and after the procedure. Follow Meribeth Burton on Twitter: